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Let’s Talk About Mental Health T-shirt

JAN 23 AT 10 AM – FEB 6 AT 9 AM MST

It’s time to talk about mental health and break the stigma around getting help and support.
The mission of Community Connect is to provide quality, free, community-based behavioral and mental health services to meet the needs of each person.
In 2021 Approximately 118,000 ND adults (20.79% of the ND adult population 18+) had a mental illness in addition to the 34,000 (6.1%) who had serious mental illness. 12.6% reported their mental health was, “not good” 14 or more days in a month’s span. In 2021, 153 North Dakotans died by suicide, 80% were male, 20% female of those, 10% were in the armed forces. Its time to end the stigma, let’s talk about it!
Data provided by North Dakota Behavioral Health Data Book 2023


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