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Project H.E.R.O. Helping Educators Reach Out

Mission: United Way of Dickinson’s Project H.E.R.O. in collaboration with regional schools works towards nurturing the well-being of youth in schools by partnering with families to empower and increase their self-sufficiency.
Vision: Empower families in meeting the nutritional needs of their children.
Vision: Increasing the success of youth by improving their attendance through assisting with transportation.


Every day children fall through the cracks of free and reduced lunches and breakfasts because the federal government only goes off of parental income and not parental expenses. Every day children in elementary school go without milk breaks because their parents cannot afford it and milk breaks are not covered by free and reduced opportunities. Every day a child misses school because they do not have transportation. United Way of Dickinson and Dickinson Public Schools knows that, in order to ensure our local children are eating breakfast or lunch every day, drinking milk with their peers daily, and getting to school, we must work together, take the whole picture into account, and help our local families who are struggling. No more slipping through cracks. Children should not have to worry about paying their lunch, breakfast, or milk debt. Children should not have to worry about missing too many days of school because they cannot get to school.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for Project H.E.R.O.? Any child currently enrolled in the Dickinson Public Schools District

How do I apply for Project H.E.R.O.? Contact your school’s social worker

  • Lauren Roemmich, LMSW-Dickinson High School 701-456-0030 ext. 3006
  • Kylee Brown, LBSW-Dickinson Middle School 701-456-0021 ext. 2314
  • Bethanie Krieg, LMSW-Prairie Rose & Berg 701-260-3948
  • Jodi Lindquist, LBSW-Lincoln & Roosevelt 701-590-0137
  • Kristin Seaks, LBSW- Jefferson & Heart River 701-590-0134

Do I have to apply for Free and Reduced Lunches prior to applying for Project H.E.R.O.?In order to apply for lunch or breakfast aid, you must have applied for free and reduced lunch and have been denied prior to applying for Project H.E.R.O. In order to apply for milk aid and transportation aid please contact your school social worker (above).

What does Project H.E.R.O. help with? Project H.E.R.O. helps struggling families afford safe transportation to and from school, breakfast, lunch, elementary milk breaks, and additional milk for middle and high school students.

How do I donate?

What is Raised Here – Stays Here

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